How a TeeREX shirt will brighten up your day

What you wear on a daily basis is very important for a bunch of reasons. Your clothing speaks volumes about the person you are – what you like, what is attainable to you, how confident you are etc. We believe that the clothing you wear can also make you feel a certain way.

If you always try to wear something that doesn’t suit your body type or colors that don’t look the best, then you will end up feeling not so great. And the opposite – when you have an outfit that fits perfectly, has a great message and is stylish, you will certainly feel on top of the world.

We create clothing for the sole reason of bringing a smile to people’s faces. Our TeeREX shirt will be a great gift to you or to somebody you love. Here’s 5 ways it will brighten up your day.

T-Rex was a confident leader

When we think about a time millions and millions of years ago, there still was leadership. If not with people, then with the world’s other creatures – dinosaurs. And it is pretty clear that the T-rex dinosaur was definitely a leader of its sort. 

It was one of the scariest dinosaurs to ever roam our planet. He was scary, he was powerful and he was definitely confident. Although we don’t mean for you to look or feel scary, we do mean for you to feel confident.

That’s the best trait we can learn from the T-rex dinosaur, so we want you to feel just the same. Confident in your daily life.

Our T-Rex is a good guy

The T-rex dinosaur often is seen as a bad guy hence it’s so scary and wild, and unpredictable. But it is also known that in pop culture in the last years a T-rex dinosaur has also often been a good guy. And we choose to see it that way.

In the article Most famous T-Rex characters you can read our list and see for yourself. There are many movies and cartoons with a T-rex as a good guy.

To show it on our t-shirts we’ve chosen to print a picture of a fun, green and goofy T-rex dinosaur. May it inspire you to do good in your every day!

TeeREX shirt

Our T-Rex character is easy going

Everyday life and work can get quite busy and serious really fast. In order to remember your fun and goofy side, it is important to remind yourself once in a while. One way to do so is to wear clothing with fun graphics and texts.

Our T-rex shirts are really fun and goofy. The main dinosaur character is an easy going character. He doesn’t care about the things that are being said about him. He’s all about enjoying life in peace, and hopefully we can give you the same energy and mindset.

It’s cool to be different

At times it’s nice to follow the trends. To shop in the famous stores and see what’s new in style. But you can probably agree that it can get old really fast. At some points every other person has the same shirts, botts and hoodies. And then we don’t really know if the clothing feels so special. 

For that reason we thought of the right idea for a while. And came up with dinosaurs – something so old and known, yet so original and not really done before. 

So here we are, making cool t-shirts to be different. There’s no fun in being the same as everyone else. So let’s be different and let’s embrace it! A T-rex would!

Shirt reminds us of the unimaginable

This shirt reminds of the existence of dinosaurs. Everybody knows that dinosaurs used to roam our planet, but does everybody actually realise how insane that is? 

We often think about it and it continues to blow our minds. So let this shirt be a reminder of just how radically our world can change. In millions of years of time yet still such a huge change can happen. That can really make you wonder about the future.

Speaking of change, this shirt can also be a reminder about how important it is to take care of our planet. That makes this shirt a good gift for somebody who’s eco friendly and does a lot to save our planet.

All in all, this shirt brightens up our day a lot. Hopefully it does the same for you too!

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